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Individual Dental Plans and Family Dental Coverage. Rates as low as $9 a month! family dental,dentist,dental,dental plan,dental insurance,individual dental,vision plan,eyeglassess,false teeth,dentures,fillings,tooth acheGroup - Schedule Of Benefits and Co-Payments

We know cost is important, that's why we make dental preventive care so easy to get...and we keep our monthly rates and our co-payments low. 

Shopping for dental coverage doesn't get much easier than this... a prepaid dental plan from ezDentalPlan.com. See how easy it is for you and your company to enjoy quality dental coverage while maintaining your budget.

We're sorry... the GROUP dental plan will be available soon online in the state you selected. Please send us an email indicating the home state of your corporate office and we will forward a group dental proposal via email.

UCR= Usual Customary Reasonable. 

All of the above charges are reduced fees for services performed by a participating general dentist. Fees subject to change without notice. Any procedure not listed is available on a fee for service basis at a 20% discount from the participating provider's fee schedule. Consult with your participating dentist prior to beginning any treatment. Fees do not include lab costs which are the members responsibility. Some services, at the discretion of the general dentist, may need to be referred to a specialist (advanced degree). Please see "Additional Specialty Services." The information displayed is for marketing purposes only. Additional procedures and benefits are covered but not shown.

Additional Specialty Services

Any treatment provided by a participating specialist, if available, in Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Pedodontics or Endodontics will be charged at a 20% reduction of participating specialist's fees for that particular case. Some specialists may require a consultation visit before treatment is initiated. Discuss each case with specialist prior to beginning any treatment.

Plan Exclusions

(1) Work in progress is not covered. (2) Work in progress after enrollment on the dental plan must be completed before selecting another participating dentist. (3) Any dental procedures performed by a non-participating dentist are not covered. (4) We cannot guarantee the continued participation of any dentist. If he/she leaves the plan, you will need to select another dentist. (5) Not all types of dentists may be available in your area; you may have to travel to receive care from a participating general dentist or specialist. (6) Some providers may charge for missed or broken appointments with no prior notice. (7) Please verify that the dentist is a participating provider when scheduling your appointment. Prices subject to change without notification.

   • Low Monthly Premiums
    • Reliable Dental Offices
    • No Maximum Benefits
    • No Claim Forms
    • No Deductibles
    • Good Co-Payments
    • Hassle Free Enrollment
    • Orthodontics Included
    • No Limit On Visits
    • Largest Provider Base





Vision Benefit

Prescription Benefit



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